TruView by Accelerate Recruitment


TruView by Accelerate Recruitment is a clinical trial patient engagement and recruitment workflow platform. TruView connects study, sponsors, and coordinators in a secure, web-based environment that makes it easier than ever to manage the patient flow from referral to initial visits. TruView is the engine that will power your study and leave all team members better informed – leading to better decision-making throughout your study:

Accelerate Recruitment TruView Delivers:

  • Study coordinator access to new patient referrals in real-time.
  • Automated SMS and email to help sites convert referrals into patients based on events.
  • Two-way communications hub with the referral using SMS and email.
  • Sponsor access to real-time enrollment activity data with visualization and customizable reports.

Consolidate Recruitment Strategies

TruView centralizes recruitment efforts across studies, sites, and strategies. TruView receives potential patients via API. This allows you to consolidate multiple recruitment campaigns into one single secure platform. Each site uses a single system to manage the workflow and communicate with relevant referrals. Sites get notified of new referrals and when to callback referrals – no matter how the referral was generated. TruView’s custom sort algorithm removes the guessing game on what referral to contact next. 

Communications Hub

Engaging with referrals is essential, or a referral may lose interest in volunteering for your study. TruView integrates messaging services from Twilio and uses Google Workspaces API to communicate with potential patients securely.

Over ten events trigger automated messages to sites and referrals. Automated messages such as appointment reminders increase the chance of referrals showing up for visits and decrease sites’ workload.

Sites also can initiate SMS conversations and email with referrals. All users associated with the site jointly see discussions to increase site response times.


Recruitment Analytics Dashboard and Reports

TruView provides a real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard and reporting. See data visuals at the study or site level. Print customized reports directly from TruView on-demand. This enables Sponsors and Clients to know how well each research site and secondary screeners perform.

Accelerate Recruitment evaluates the campaign to see what is performing well and why; this allows our team to constantly evolve to optimize the recruitment process and achieve the best results with detailed analytics.

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