We are excited to be working with you

Accelerate Recruitment makes research recruitment fast, transparent, and easy for everyone involved. Watch the video below and read the quick start information below to get started.


We are thrilled to meet sites like yours that want to be prepared for recruitment success. To schedule a call, please get in touch with us at 1-727-510-9773 or info@accelrecruitment.com. However, not everyone wants an onboarding call, and we respect that. 

General Information

Who is Accelerate Recruitment?

Accelerate Recruitment is dedicated to helping clients bring new medical technologies to market through effective patient recruitment and patient retention solutions.

We started as a network of research sites that got frustrated when working with recruitment companies. We knew we could do better, and we did. So good that we were asked to do recruitment for other sites.

We then built a platform called TruView that helps manage recruitment tasks for study managers, secondary screeners, and research sites like yours.

Some of the recruitment tasks that are automated are communication to the referral. When you update referral statuses, automated messaging will be sent. Learn more below, where I talk about statuses. 

We hope you enjoy the qualified referrals that Accelerate Recruitment generates and the time and energy that TruView will save you.

What is my first step?

Accelerate Recruitment created an account for you. You now need to reset your password. Visit https://truview.accelrecruitment.com/forgot-password and enter your email address.

How do I access pre-qualified referrals?

Every user at your site will get an email when a referral is generated. You can click the link to access the referral there. You can also go to https://truview.accelrecruitment.com and log in to see all the referrals.

Make sure you update the status of referrals after speaking with them. Doing so will help automate messaging and enable TruView to keep recruitment tasks organized. It also provides us with feedback to evaluate our recruitment strategies.

What is TruView and how does it help me?

TruView is a clinical trial patient engagement and recruitment workflow platform. TruView connects studies, sponsors, and coordinators in a secure, web-based environment that makes managing the patient flow from referral to closeout visits more accessible.

TruView organizes referrals and will remind you when to contact them automatically. TruView also sends automated text messages and emails to referrals. You will no longer spend time manually sending texts and emails. 

With TruView, you will get more done and never forget about recruitment tasks. The video above walks you through TruView features.

Can we reword the automated messages?

The short answer is yes – contact info@accelrecruitment.com with your change requests. Please note that most changes will require a study manager and maybe IRB approval.

Can we have additional users created?

Yes you can. Please send an email to info@accelrecruitment.com with the full name, email address, and phone number of the user.