How we do it

Fast and transparent patient recruitment

Accelerate Recruitment is dedicated to helping clients bring new medical technologies to market through effective patient recruitment and patient retention solutions. No matter what the challenge, Accelerate Recruitment approaches each study and each site with unique strategies to meet study enrollment objectives – ultimately ensuring timely regulatory approvals.

We understand the critical investment you make in getting your drug, procedure, or device to market. We also know perhaps the biggest challenge is still ahead: our research shows that 20 to 25% of studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets. We also know that just achieving those enrollment targets is not enough. The data you generate from those patients and sites through clinical outcome assessment or patient-reported outcomes needs to be high quality and expertly analyzed.

That is where Accelerate Recruitment comes in. Our end-to-end patient recruitment and engagement services are helping sponsors and sites to achieve enrollment goals.

How we do it

An Exhaustive Recruitment Process

Strategic Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Design

Accelerate Recruitment was built by clinical researchers that saw studies and sites not meeting enrollment targets as expected. Poor planning and lackluster recruitment efforts result in missed milestones. Our team will create a transparent end-to-end plan aligned to your milestones and goals. This includes creating IRB submission packages. Then we continue evolving the strategy by delivering real-time KPIs and customized reports. With the transparency we provide at every step, you will know where your recruitment investment is going.

Social and Facebook advertising

Social media has changed the advertising game. The minimum spend is low, the targeting is unbelievably detailed, and the reach is vast. Oh yeah, and the network has more than a billion users each month. According to the profile, reaching potential study participants is as simple as keying in the desired age bracket, geographic area, and interests.

Paid search

Imagine the ability to intercept potential study participants exactly when they’re looking for information on their condition. It’s possible with paid search, also known as cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. It starts by generating a list of keywords typically related to the symptoms or treatment of an indication. Then we write and deploy ads to be seen by a potential study participant in a site area searching one of the keywords. It’s efficient and oh so effective.

Display ads

Display (also known as banner) ads are an excellent way to reach desired audiences – in our case, potential study participants – while they’re naturally exploring their curiosities on various devices and platforms. What’s more, these banner ads can be geographically targeted to reach people right near our research sites.

Secondary Screening Qualification Services

Screen failures are challenging for the patient, sites, and sponsors. They are time-consuming and costly to everyone involved. Beyond our app-based screening tools, we provide secondary screening services to avoid unnecessary screen failures. Our team of experienced coordinators further qualifies generated referrals within the TruView platform. Sites will appreciate the highly vetted referrals while sponsors get complete visibility to the real-time efforts of our Secondary Screening team.

TruView Communications hub

The TruView platform enables sites with a communications hub. Sites can do two-communication with referrals using SMS and emails using TruView.  TruView takes this further by automating messages with referrals based on events. Events such as left voicemail to confirming initial visits. These automated messages increase referral to patient conversion rates and give more time to recruitment teams.

Reporting and Analytics

Eliminate uncertainties, improve results, and gain a complete picture of your trial’s enrollment in real-time.

Nothing is more critical to achieving enrollment goals than real-time data illustrating site and patient recruitment performance. Without it, you lack visibility into what drives success (or failure). However, just having data is not enough. You need a system that not only collects campaign performance data but visualizes it in a way that does not require hours of pivot tables and manual data entry to make it actionable. Our industry-leading TruView reporting dashboard not only collects an unprecedented amount of data about the site and patient recruitment campaign performance but lets you visualize the data in an elegant, user-friendly manner that helps quickly identify and optimize strategies to improve results and achieve your enrollment goals.

Electronic Health Record Qualitative Queries

Electronic Health Records (EHR) have large data sets that might reveal potential patients who agreed to share their info for clinical research. Accelerate Recruitment can build queries for many EHR systems. These queries are connected to confidence scores that assist with our engagement strategy.


Accelerate Recruitment has the trust of over 100,000 people who have agreed to be contacted about studies relevant to them. If we deem your study can connect with this network, we will arrange an engagement strategy. Strategies include email/SMS blasts with app-based screening or secondary screeners making first contact.

Data collected and visualized in TruView allows us to:

  • Make real-time campaign improvements to optimize advertising spend, improve ROI, and decrease cost per randomization.
  • Produce data-driven recruitment plans that help sites assess their internal strategies to achieve enrollment targets.
  • Accurately project costs, time, and randomizations from advertising campaigns to assure the study meets or achieves enrollment goals.
  • Help study teams plan when to close enrollment and assess projected campaign performance through predictive modeling.


Clinical trials patient recruitment campaign analysis and optimization.

Recruitment feasibility Recruitment scenario planning and predictive modeling enrollment forecasting.

Creation of Sponsor, IRB, and any other approval submission packages.

Launch and evaluation of digital recruitment strategies.

Automated and two-way communication (SMS and email) with TruView.

Secondary screening services by experienced coordinators.

Campaign data and analytics real-time through TruView.

Full stack clinical trial recruitment services and platform

At Accelerate Recruitment, we consider all the individual variables in the study enrollment equation – the research sites, the clinical investigators, the study coordinators, and most importantly, the patients. This leads to comprehensive, site-specific programs that take the guesswork out of driving study enrollment. No two clinical enrollment challenges are alike. That’s why Accelerate Recruitment offers a wide range of tools and services to help clients meet their study timeline objectives. From investigative site selection to patient recruitment planning/execution to Secondary Screening support, Accelerate Recruitment’s programs are designed to tackle many factors that determine study enrollment success.


Investigative Site Selection.

Recruitment Planning/Assessment.

Recruitment Campaign Management:

  • Comprehensive Research and Analytics.
  • Email and SMS Campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Online, Pay-per-Click Marketing.
  • Patient Facing, Pre-Screener, and Administrative Websites.
  • Customized Secondary Screening Services.
  • Real-Time KPI dashboard.
  • Customized Reporting.
  • Access to TruView.

Investigative Site Selection

Accelerate Recruitment identifies potential study sites based on a combination of predictive enrollment criteria, including investigator experience, site administrative capabilities, and geographic disease state prevalence – ensuring sites are well-positioned to meet study enrollment expectations.


Recruitment Planning / Assessment

We collaborate directly with sponsors and individual study sites to identify enrollment challenges. This enables us to develop cost-effective outreach programs tailored to the site and study-specific needs. Upfront recruitment planning is essential to timely study completion, helping to uncover potential screen-failures before they have the chance to impact enrollment negatively.


Recruitment Analytics

We evaluate the campaign to see what is performing well and why; this allows our team to constantly evolve to optimize the recruitment process and achieve the best results with detailed analytics.

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