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Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Learn about a paid, observational study that will examine various tracking mechanisms of physical, cognitive and behavioral functioning, preceding and immediately following a total hip replacement surgery.

A simple study to improve patient outcomes from Total Hip Replacement surgery

Total Hip Replacement (THR) is one of the most common joint replacement surgeries in the United States. It can significantly improve pain, physical function, quality of life, and depression within six months after the surgery. However, long-term improvements can vary between patients. To better understand how to predict outcomes and prognosis for THR surgery, a study is being conducted to investigate the use of at-home devices that monitor patient’s ability to perform daily activities post-surgery. The study aims to determine whether these devices are comfortable to wear and easy to use.
If you are eligible to participate, you will receive assessments by qualified medical professionals, access to a smartphone, blood pressure cuff, wrist-worn monitoring devices, and up to $1,200 compensation for your participation.


30 years of age or older.
Diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip or joint degenerative disease.
Planning or scheduled to undergo Total Hip Replacement surgery.

About the study

The purpose of this research study is to make use of digital health technology such as smartphones and wrist-worn digital monitoring devices to keep track of various aspects of your daily health. The study will monitor your physical activity, mobility, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen level, heart rate changes, sleep duration and timing, pain levels, and quality of life for one week before your Total Hip Replacement surgery and up to six weeks after the surgery.
This clinical trial could last up to 9 weeks and is looking to determine if the data collected from using this at-home device, such as measuring daily pain and functional status, will help to provide valuable feedback to patients and their healthcare providers regarding the long-term success of hip replacement surgery.
There will be no cost associated with participation in the trial. You may receive up to $1,200 compensation for transportation and the time required to participate in the trial.

A man being assisted by his nurse after hip replacement surgery

Why Participate?

If you are a candidate for Total Hip Replacement surgery, you may be eligible for an observational study that is now being offered at select centers throughout the U.S. The study is designed to track your daily physical activity, mobility, and quality of life. It requires the use of wrist-worn digital monitoring devices, a blood pressure cuff, a mobile app, and answering self-reporting questionnaires daily.

If you qualify, you will receive:


No-cost Study Care

You will receive study-related care from experienced doctors, nurses, and research staff.


The study includes assessments that address hip pain, walking function, daily activity, range of motion, and other examination visits with a trained investigator.


You might be eligible to receive up to $1,200 compensation for your time and travel.


Chat With A Research Coordinator

Fill out the form below, and you will be advised if you are eligible. If you meet the initial pre-screening criteria, you will be contacted by someone from a research location near you. If you do not meet the minimum criteria, still submit the form. It is possible for study criteria to change, making you eligible at a later date.

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